Northwest Control-Line Competition Records

Northwest records listed below reflect the performance of Northwest-resident modelers in sanctioned competition. Records are compiled by Flying Lines. For more information, contact the editor.

The most recent updates to the records are two Navy Carrier records that were bumped up during the 2016 Northwest Regionals in Roseburg, Ore.

Bob Parker of Orting, Wash., raised the Profile Nostalgia Carrier record to 466.5, eclipsing the record of 437.1 set by Rich Salter in Eugene, Ore., on May 28, 2011. Mike Potter of Aurburn, Wash., raised the bar in the popular new Northwest Sport 40 Carrier event, hitting a score of 202.5, eclipsing Bill Darkow's 199 set on Sept. 7, 2013, in Auburn.

1/2-A Speed 123.35 Chuck Schuette 5/27/05 Albany, Ore.
A Speed 137.85 Kortness-Newkirk 9/6/08 Salem, Ore.
B Speed 162.98 Ken Kortness 4/18/08 Portland, Ore.
C Speed 176.57 Ken Burdick 5/26/12 Eugene, Ore.
D Speed 176.92 Ken Burdick 5/23/15 Roseburg, Ore.
Jet Speed 175.19 Ken Burdick 5/23/15 Roseburg, Ore.
 Formula 40 Speed 162.54 Marty Higgs 0/4/04 Richmond, B.C.
.21 Sport Speed 153.78 Loren Howard 9/18/99 Salem, Ore.
FAI Speed 184.1 Will Naemura 9/20/03 Muncie, Ind.
1/2-A Profile Proto 92.55 Don McKay 4/3/11 Salem, Ore.
.21 Proto Speed 127.52 Chris Sackett 4/20/12 Portland, Ore.
NW Sport Jet Speed 159.37 Jim Booker 6/29/13 Salem, Ore.
F2D Proto Speed 105.84 Ken Burdick 5/27/17 Roseburg, Ore.
NW B Proto Speed 106.12 Chris Sackett 10/12/14 Salem, Ore.
Mouse Race I – 50-lap 2:36 Todd Ryan 5/29/10 Eugene, Ore.
Mouse Race I – 100-lap 5:03 Todd Ryan 5/29/10 Eugene, Ore.
Mouse Race II – 70-lap Vacant
Mouse Race II – 140-lap Vacant
AMA Scale Race – 70-lap Vacant
AMA Scale Race – 140-lap Vacant
Slow Rat Race – 70-lap Vacant
Slow Rat Race – 140-lap Vacant
NCLRA Super Slow Rat Race – 100 lap 6:05.89 Todd Ryan 5/26/07 Eugene, Ore.
.15 Rat Race – 70-lap Vacant
.15 Rat Race – 140-lap 8:27.00 Todd Ryan 5/26/07 Eugene, Ore.
.FAI Team Race – 100-lap
FAI Team Race – 200-lap
NW Sport Race – 70-lap 4:05.41 Todd Ryan 5/27/07 Eugene, Ore.
NW Sport Race – 140-lap 7:54 Todd Ryan 5/29/10 Eugene, Ore.
NW Super Sport Race – 70-lap 3:31 Todd Ryan 5/29/10 Eugene, Ore.
NW Super Sport Race – 140-lap 7:24 Todd Ryan 5/25/08 Eugene, Ore.
Quickie Rat Race – 70-lap Vacant
Quickie Rat Race – 140-lap Vacant
Flying Clown Race – 15-minute feature 345 laps Mac Ryan 5/29/10 Eugene, Ore.
B-Team Race – 35-lap sprint 2:13.11 Dave Shrum 5/26/07 Eugene, Ore.
B-Team Race – 70-lap heat 4:50.64 Dave Shrum 5/26/07 Eugene, Ore.
B-Team Race – 140-lap feature Vacant
Class I Navy Carrier 370 Todd Ryan 8/6/00 Richmond, B.C.
Class II Navy Carrier 368.1 Mike Potter 5/28/10 Eugene, Ore.
Profile Navy Carrier 353.7 Mike Potter 5/29/04 Albany, Ore.
.15 Navy Carrier 244.7 Todd Ryan 5/26/01 Roseburg, Ore.
Profile Nostalgia Navy Carrier 466.5 Bob Parker 5/28/16 Roseburg,Ore.
Class I/II Nostalgia Navy Carrier 506 Bob Parker 5/28/10 Eugene, Ore.
Sport .40 Navy Carrier 207.2 Mike Potter 5/28/17 Roseburg, Ore.
AMA Endurance  20 min., 52 sec.  Bill Darkow  8/5/06  Lakewood, Wash.

Records as of June 7, 2016

Updated records in boldface

2007 update notes:

Major changes in the AMA racing rules caused most Northwest racing records to be voided at the beginning of the 2007 season. To see the records that were in place before the rules change, see NW Records before 2007.

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