Broadway Bod Busters

New generation fuel shutoff!

By Ken Burdick

The Broadway Bod Busters have worked closely with the international community in developing new and improved F2D combat shut-off designs. We are in the prototype stage of development but chief BBB shut-off Engineer The Rein Man decided to release the many systems tried and ask YOU, the combat community which ones would work best.

As some may recall, it was the mild mannered Rein Man who started WWIII with bold statements of commercially available shut-offs, leading to the CAIM's decision to implement the little darlings for 2009. We all thank Jeff for destroying an otherwise perfectly good and dangerous event.

The Rein man spares no expense in development costs as the BBB is painfully aware, to date the H&R has set us back in the six figure range but the National Champion insists on selling them grossly underpriced.

Pictured above is one of the more secret ideas being made on what we were told was a "loaner machine" the invoice arrived the next day, we have given the entire matter to BBB legal Beagle The Buzz Man in hopes he can make it go away. Whatever it is, the Rein Man insists it's a shutoff.

Here are the various proto-type ideas for the next generation shut-off that includes a mouse activated model. We ask you to evaluate them on their merit and send your feedback to the Beaver State Combat Team and or Mike "I'm not the Queen of England" Hazel.

-- KennyB And The Bod Busters

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