Broadway Bod Busters

Bod Busters start World War III

(Jeff Rein pulls the trigger on F2D)

Yes folks, it's true.

Without fanfare, or appearing to be directly involved, The Rein man has become part of a controversy that spans the globe.

It goes something like this.

Reality comes to Europe

The FAI, which is the governing body of international aviation, including models, let the safety subcommittee know in no uncertain terms, to "fix the fly away problem in F2D (FAI combat)." The problem is the same one we have had here. Insurance companies will not underwrite a knowingly dangerous sport that may cost them money. A poll was sent out to flyers for their input as how to make the event safer, the opinions wore on like grist through a mill, all sidestepping the mention of shut-offs. I was about fed up with many of the responses since most knew the rules were at the root of it, allowing judges to look the other way while I saw through YOUR lines to force a match refly. There are other contributing factors as we all know, and combat wings get cut lose.

A group of combat fliers can't agree on the time of day much less anything else, so the poll was bogged down in the mud some because most all the flyers have their own agenda.

Brooding Minds

Jeff and I were sitting in the shop when I casually mentioned the poll. e both believe shutoffs are the best way to proceed and we all have proven it here in the Northwest. After having been led to "greatness" by John Thompson ,who created the shutoff rule, It has taken 10 years of fiddling but we can live with them, make them work and improve on the designs.

One of the two of us "went off" on the whole subject of the F2D poll and we were ranting in unison.

Jeff had successfully used his F2D shut off at the F2D U.S Team Trials and we both use them in 80 mph which is MORE demanding on a shut-off than F2D.The rant grew in scope and fervor, so by the end of the next beer we were both livid at the blindness and we believed, stupidity of (deep breathing) never mind, we wanted shut-offs.

A man named Henning Forbech decided to undertake his version of a shutoff for F2D. and be the "oracle." Henning went about it in a reasonable way and used the shutoff in several contests. As many of us know, the first exposure to one of the little darlings has a learning curve attached to it and is humbling.

Henning liked to state the "risk analysis" of using them. Here is Hennings final thoughts on using shut-offs: "After a lot of tests with the mechanical shut-off I must now conclude that it is far too complicated and that it can not be made stable enough to be used as an general "anti-fly-away-device" in combat."

(The condensed version is "I give up.")

Based on his own failure to design a good working shutoff, Henning has suggested that the rule be postponed until a good working design can be made. A load you say? I agree, the more time that goes by, the greater the risk of losing the event, Henning did not consult with others here that have used shutoff's.

Murphy's axiom of work: "Work will expand itself to the time allowed for completion."

If he put a fraction of the time of his web page dedicated to the shut-off into a better design then his results might have been different.

The Pen is a "Might-eh-Might-eh"

(Unabashedly borrowing lyrics from "she's a Brick House" our story continues)

Infused with self-righteousness, Jeff attacked the keyboard. Many things were passed on to the subcommittee, good things, things that make you go hmmmmmm. One thing in particular was the availability of several shutoff designs that work, and work well.

Time marches on and the subcommittee made its finding, by 2009, there will be shutoff's in F2D. This was based partially by input they received.

We had forgotten the whole thing and were focused on building a Co2 Bat mobile, the Oriental Clown and a few other projects in the technology center.

Like castor oil from a Fox .35, the ooze seeped into Yahoo Comba Forum

Henning announced that his device didn't work, and the committee should postpone plans to make shut-off's mandatory. On and on.

The thread caught fire and before long what seemed to be much of the combat community was battling the same old debate about the ornery little device.


Like a trail of mouse turds on a kitchen floor, it became clearer. Like a fat bowler with a speckled ball it approached, closer and closer until it

Popped out like Alex Rodriguez in a post season game.

An email appeared as below:

"It's a bit unfair to blame the Americans for this one. In reality, it was the team race and stunt hacks on the F2 subcommittee who dreamed this one up. I was told directly by one of them that F2D was going to destroy the FAI due to the flyaway issue and it was his job to prevent that AND if that meant getting rid of F2D then so be it. Problem is, the subcommittee has pronounced that reliable shutoffs exist and are in use and this did come from certain Americans."

(That's our boy!!!!)

The subcommittee had picked up Jeff's rant, and it is absolutely true that such devices exist, are available and do work reliably. We use them here all the time.

The War Begins

Like oysters in the poem:
"and thick and fast, they came at last,
And more, and more, and more,
All hopping through the frothy waves,
And scrambling to the shore.

The emails came in waves, mostly saying "See, we told you it wouldn't work."

One in particular came from what must be Transylvania, right out of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

Excuse #1 cost.

"American Mechanical shit-off "

This new shit rule from American. They fly not so much F2D, but now insist new rule on rest of World. Why America think this possibilty to fix f2d. Can to rule writer tell me how where buy shutoff device working for 2009? Now we have many pilots after 2009 we have not many pilots. To tell me how much this device cost. Us for expensive to fly f2d and you make more expensive. So see it no problem for America to buy device because you have big money. Thanks to rest of world! Maybe it more interesting competition to American to win buy Money?"

Excuse # 2. You can't make me. I'll hold my breath until I turn blue.

Re: American Mechanical shit-off

I is making all components on f2d. First I is making motor (not so popular as Fora) _ and then making now the carbon prepare nose, back edge, cantral rib, small ribs, wing tips and all the other things and parts of a model. Then I make a nose and a central rib to suit each other ( no hate this process, it's too difficult for me ). Put the bell crunk into the rib, glue a nose and a central rib together. Put a back edge to them with glue. Then I need to be sure that wing tips suit the nose, the leading edge and the back edge. I correct it and then glue it. When a she is ready I put the small ribs there. Process not takine me so much time. So cee I buy no thing. But I rather to make sexy time with animal than to make shit-off!l"

Nice. (This may go down as the combat quote of the year.)

The response to this and others was what you might imagine. Bobby Mears however did something about it. In one evening designed, built, and tested a shut-off that works well.

He Calls it "The All American Shut-Off." It was made from a single piece of wire and maybe costs 10 cents? Here is the link to a video showing it in operation.

The debate is far from over but we have found The Rein Man up to his jug ears in this one. Stay with me here.

No rant, no poll input.
No poll input ,no shutoff rule.
No shutoff rule, no Henning giving up.
No Henning giving up, no debate.
No debate, no foul email from Russian farmer.
No foul email from Russian farmer, Bobby Mears won't get pissed off.
Bobby Mears doesn't get pissed off, no new design of the shut-off for F2D.

I blame Jeff. Sooooo ...

Blame Jeff Day!

(BJ Day)

The Broadway Bod Busters Proudly Proclaim Saturday, November 3rd to be BJ day! (Blame Jeff Day)

For his undying efforts in the work of fuel shutoffs, and frequent rants.

(I have always said, that without zelots, nothing moves forward.)

Jeff has once again proved this not just with his own work on shut-off's, but his belief in them.

Jeff, you are truly a Bod Buster!

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