The Broadway Bod Busters

Michael Willcox is selling products for F2D

By Ken Burdick

As you know, Mike is a world FAI Combat champion and has his own builder in the Ukraine. Mikes planes have always been lighter, stronger and faster than most all available.

He is also selling the new Fora and hopes to be selling the new Profi when it is in full production.

Lines -- $6
Props -- $3
Planes  -- $40  ($48 for carbon trailing edge and wrapped ribs.)
Plane bags for traveling -- $100
Cool plane racks for -- $35
Fora .15 engine -- $190.00
Profi .15 engine $...not confirmed in the $190-$210 range depending on quantity.

There is no fancy website but you can E-mail Mike Willcox.

Good hunting.

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