Broadway Bod Busters

Photo shows one of the F2D airplanes distributed by Michael Willcox. Photo below shows a whole box, just opened after being received. Ken Burdick photos.

Spice up your combat life!

By Ken Burdick

Tired of 80 mph combat? 1/2A got you down?

Diesels stink too much? Fast only happens once a year!!!!!

Is that's what's bothering you, Binky?

Well cheer UP! There is a new web site to help you with high performance F2D supplies, top pilots, a blog and a host of up to date pictures.

World Champion Michael Willcox, aka Emo, has launched his new web-site "Evil Emo Creations"

"Our goal is to obtain the best equipment in the world for those who need it at a reasonable price.  Evil Emo Creations has been getting quality equipment for pilots and created an avenue for the suppliers to help get their products out on the market."

The site is impressive and professionally done. Mike runs in a fast and elite crowd internationally, but if you know him, you'll agree that he is humble and thoughtful.that is until you get a cut on him.if you can. He has networked the suppliers he as used for years to present some of the best equipment available for F2D.

The site's menu begins with a Welcome statement (nice touch) and includes not just products, but pilots, their ratings, video's including an onboard camera, a Blog, Ukraine Testing is a slide show of Friends and suppliers in the Ukraine.

In short, Mike has singlehandedly connected the East and west for F2D as Tomas Mejzlik did in the 90's. Not just a product catalog, but people who sell and those who use the products.

This is a very specialized event and not in the main stream of sport flying. Not dumbed down to a level where just anyone can compete (although a U.S team member is over 60). But a full-blown combat event with equipment that will open your eyes.

I have ordered from Mike and will continue to do so. My equipment was lost enroute from the Ukraine, Mike and his supplies handled it professionally, replacing the equipment as soon as possible. A good test of a business is how they handle adversity; the customer service here is top notch.

KennyB And The Bod Busters.

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