Bod Busters Misery Meet

Roy, Wash., Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011

Bob Smith wins both ends of season-ender

Story and photos by Buzz Wilson

The weather was most disappointing. What is a Misery Meet without rain and wind? Well this Misery Meet had no wind, no rain, just a high cloud cover.

What it did have was one last time in 2011 to fly combat; unfortunately, the northern beavers and the southern beavers were scared away by the lack of wind and rain. The contest was well attended by the south Sound flyers that enjoy watching combat. Also there were Scott Johnson and his two boys Daniel and Nathan.

Both Daniel and Nathan (above) judged the contest and did a great job. The BBB looks forward to flying against them in the 2012 season.

Seven contestants, five Bod Busters plus Tristan McKay and Jim Green showed up to fly single elimination Combat. This contest had local as well as national implications. Both Don McKay and Robert Smith needed to have a good day to secure a high place finish in MACA. Robert needed a good day to hold onto his first place standing in the Northwest.

The first matches of the day were Half A. Jeff Rein used this contest to test his latest designed Half A - a gull sword of death.

After flying it, he said he needed to make a few adjustments. Cannot wait until the spring opener.

The contest was single elimination. Half A was run first. After the first round, Don McKay, Robert Smith, and I had a win. Tristan McKay, Jim Green, and Jeff Rein had a loss. I flew Don McKay and lost. This set up Robert flying Don for first and second. Robert killed Don and won Half A.

This was the first contest that we would run F2D fast -- NW version. We did not require mufflers and allowed any 15. A 30-second starting period was used. Jeff and Ken wanted to fly each other and was the first match. Ken got a kill on Jeff. Here you see how close it came to Jeff's elevator.

Robert got a bye into the semifinals. Don McKay would fly his son Tristan. I would fly Jim Green. I beat Jim, and Tristan beat Don, but did not maintain level flight when Don could not get back in the air and lost.

In the second round, I lost to Ken. This set up Robert flying Ken for first and second. Jim was Robert's pit man. In the background, you see Robert's shop and barn complex.

Again, Robert won with a kill.

The biggest problem of the day was the charcoal would not catch fire. We used lighter fluid, fuel, alcohol, propane torch, and finally a burning log -- nothing. Robert fired up a generator and hot plate. We figured that since he grows Christmas trees, this would offset the increased carbon footprint. Here you see Tristan smoking a boiled dog.

Thanks to Robert for hosting the contest at his house and to his wife for putting up with him and his weird friends.

Here are the results (Northwest standing points in parentheses):

1/2-A COMBAT (6 entries)
Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. (6)
2. Don McKay, Redmond, Wash. (5)
3. Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash. (4)
4. Tristan McKay, Redmonds, Wash. (3)
5. Jim Green, Bellevue, Wash.
6. Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash.

F2D FAST COMBAT (7 entries)
Robert Smith (7)
2. Ken Burdick, Kent, Wash. (6)
3. Buzz Wilson (5)
4. Don McKay (4)
5. Jeff Rein
Tristan McKay
Jim Green

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