Zoot's Mixture

February 2008

There are only three events

By Zoot Zoomer

Greetings Dudes!  Before long we will be into the full swing of the CL contest season.  As you ponder the possibilities of participation, remember this

There are only three events!

I can picture all of you now with stunned and silly looks about yer faces with mouths agape and in unison pleading your query:  "but Zootmeister, how can this be?"

Yes, how can this be?  After all, looking over the years of CL competition action haven't we come with over a bazillion different events?  An endless repetition of putting regs in place to bring in the newcomers, the youth, and the mediocre modeler.  And not least of all, for the lazy guy who rather than build a plane to suit an event, would rather see a special event to suit his plane.

Memory may be slightly fuzzy from the years and repetitive rules regurgitation, but some of the best attempts at expanding the event roster have included such gems as:   WWI Triple Plane Combat,  Nostalgia .19 Biplane Navy Carrier, Classic 1960's Trike Gear Fox .35 Yellow Plane Stunt, Old Time Slightly Modified Super Tigre 29 Profile Proto Speed, .15 Class II Goodyear Sports Race, 1/2 A Diesel Reed Valve Profile ROW Scale, and Spark-Ignition Speed-Limit Speed.

OK people, here it is:  The Three Events are:  SCALE, SPEED, AND STUNT.  Again with the confused looks, eh?  The whole key here is breaking it down to the basics, and that's the point, these three events are the basics.  Just like the basic elements of the universe can combine to create a plethora (don't you just love that word!) of substances.  These three events, or let's call them concepts or elements, are the basis of pretty much all we do in modeldom.

Way back in the early days of model planes, after getting beyond getting off of the ground, it was desireous that a model should look like a "real plane" (which certain segments of our hobby are strongly hungup over).  With control line, probably the very first competitive aspect of the sport was to go fast, namely speed.  Then of course, doing the ol' "loop the loop" became the rage, and thus entered the stunt aspect.

As you sharper ones can probably see by now, the idea of three events doesn't mean only a trio of regulations governing operation of yer toy airplane in competitive environment.  It simply means three basic functions, or as said before, elements.

OK, here's some more of the Zootser's breaking it down in simple terms:  Scale means Looking Real.  Speed means Going Fast.  Stunt means Doing Tricks.  How's that for basics, eh? 

Now take a look at all of our rulebook events.  Each one involves either the pure form, or a mix of two or more of the basic concepts.  Obviously the speed events are based on the pure concept.  But then something like Proto Speed, is mostly Speed, with just a few tablespoons of Scale mixed in.  Combat is mostly Stunt, with some Speed thrown in.  One of the most ridiculous events, AMA Slow Combat, actually has all elements, because of the requirement for rudder and canopy and landing gear, which means about three drops of scale go into the equation.  Navy Carrier is an interesting mix of Scale, Speed, and Anti-Speed, plus the action of a special landing means the element of Stunt is included.  What about racing?  It is also a mostly speed event, with some classes having varying amounts of Scale thrown in, such as Goodyear, or B Team Race. 

OK sports fans, so there it is. Whether you participate as an event purist, or do the hybrid thing, you all are mixing it up with only three events. 

Be Cool, ya'll! 


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