Zoot's Mixture

November 2008

Big eBay bargain on 3D line clips!

By Zoot Zoomer

Hey y'all, you might remember that in an earlier column I asked what in the world of corroded control line cables is "3D Flying"?

The term is of course more universal than ever in the land of Arcee, to signify wacky weird aerobatic type flying.  Why I have even heard them Arcee guys refer to our flying of Bi-Slobs as 3-D.  Ugh, gag me! 

C'mon, why is it called that?  Just as a character in a certain movie said, while having a Magnum 44 pointed at him by one Harry Callahan, who had just finished his line,"I know what you're thinking, did he fire six rounds or just five?  In all of the excitement I kind of lost track myself.  But there's one question you have to ask yourself ... Are you feeling lucky, punk?  Well, are you!!???."  Then sez the bank robber wondering about the statistical probabilties of having his head blown off: "I GOT'S TO KNOW!"  And likewise.

OK, with that out of my system (?), let's move on elsewhere.

We frequently hear of ridiculous transactions that take place on eBay, what with some people that obviously have more money than brain cells.  Hmmm, wonder if someone has thought to auction off extra brain cells?   Anyway, one of the typical stupid things is of course to pay way too much for stuff that can easily be purchased for less.  I have seen things go for over double retail price, and we aren't talking collectable, out of print stuff here.  This is stuff that is still sitting on store shelves, or listed in current catalogs.  I am of course primarily referring to model airplane wares. 

I also have (or should I say had, since I longer trade on eBay due to their stupid new PayPal policy) a particular pet peeve about what many sellers do in listing their product.  To quote, "I am selling this item out of an estate and have no knowledge about it," but then add that the item is "rare and collectable"or "vintage."   Hmmph, how did they figure that out if they know nothing about the item? 

Another example of stupidity was an auction, or actually a small series of them, of a guy selling used line clips.  Now get this ... not only the line clips were used, but starting bid was something like five bucks for a set of four!  And shipping?  Oh yes, plenty high cost to ship these little treasures as well.  Uh, I don't remember any bidding going on these.  I guess the people with a shortage of brain cells stayed away from the keyboard for these.

As the active flying winds down for the year, and most of us do a lot of our modeling huddled up in the workshop hut,  be considering to try and expand your CL modeling areas.  It seems like there aren't as many "generalist" modelers out there like there were in times of yore (whenever the heck "yore" was?).  Zoot encourages you not to be a "One String Banjo Player." You see these guys in all the event disciplines, but probably more pervasively in the Stunt crowd.  If this describes you, then put down that banjo and try plucking some strings on another instrument, or banging a drum or tooting a horn.  Wow!  We can sound like a real band, and that my friend  sounds much better than the limited music you get from a group of one-string banjo players.  

The Zootster always encourages you to go fast, but if that ain't your style, at least be cool!  

OK, all for now so be fast and/or cool!

  -- Zoot

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