Zoot's Mixture

February 2007

Zoot Field inaugurated

By Zoot Zoomer

Yo dudes, the zootster is back! The last installment was way back in a paper issue, seems so long ago, eh? Speaking of which, in that episode I talked about how various NW CL modelers received Muppet character names in 1984. A few of the character names were mentioned, with the reader invited to come up with more. Fellow columnist "Snoopy" really did the job, coming up with names that I had forgotten all about. Go back to "Snoopy's Gnuz" column listing and check it out.

OK, here's something that is really bugging me.......... Just what the hey is "3D" flying? Yeh, yeh, I know it what it is, mainly kind of an "extreme" (argh!) wild contorted aerobatics thing that the servo servants do. But what does the term really mean? It can't be "three-dimensional", because all three axis are already there and in use.

The first flight on Zoot Field took place recently. Craig Bartlett, renowned Regionals contest director extrodinaire, came up for a visit and brought up his .049 Firebaby. However, that's all he brought, besides a passle of lame excuses for being in 100% mooch-mode. So the Zootster had to come up with lines, handle, and all ground equipment. However, the pretty red battery was low on charge, and all the standard drycells had been chucked last year. Neccesity is the mother of invention, or in this case.....desperation. There sitting on a shelf was a tired old 6 volt dry cell that had been pulled out of the jet ignition starter box. Hmmm, why not? With some extra long leads attached to the regular connecting wires to drop the voltage, the glow head did not quickly fry as one might have expected. Success! Incidentally, this effort represented the inaugural flight on Zoot Field. Hey, I'm not crazy! No flying for me until the tree stumps are removed!

Is our very own A.M.A. anti-competition? It would seem so, based on changes that have coming down over the last 10 years or so. Those cats at the top would say no, but the facts would seem to suggest otherwise. Stay tuned for more discussion on this.......

When doing a product search on eBay, one never knows what one might have pop up. On occasion when I have put in "dynajet" for a search (like I really need more of them), the result is entertaining. Sometimes you will have that old pulse jet engine come up, but usually other products with the same name appear as well. They include: carburation equipment for motorcycles, and full size boat propellors. But the oddest one is a commercial vacuum tube testor device. Why would it be called a dynajet??? Hmmmm, wonder what those other lookers think when they see a miniature jet engine.

Be cool, y'all!

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