Zoot's Mixture

April 2019

What's your theme song?

By Zoot Zoomer

The Louie Louie Speed Team: Zoot Zoomer (Mike Hazel) at left and Ken Burdick. Flying Lines photo.

If you have ever hung around the Speed circles in the Northwest, you likely have heard this query: “What time is it, boys and girls?” Well the answer is of course, “It’s Louie Louie time!”

Well now, did you know that the Northwest’s Louie Louie Speed Team have their very own theme song? Yes folks, it’s true (as one Louie is frequently heard to say). And what’s really cool is the tune is known around the world! And now for the very first time, the rest of the world will finally learn the real lyrics to the Louie Louie song.

But first let’s get into the proper frame of mind. Whip out your vinyl 45 copy and throw it on the turntable for a listen. If you possess neither of these, then go to YouTube and look up "Louie Louie" by the Kingsmen. Now, I know that there are many covers of this song, some perhaps even better, but the Kingsmen version is what we are going with. At any rate, it is the best-known version. OK dudes, now that you have played the tune a time or three, sit back and dig these lyrics!

Louie Louie, oh no,
We gotta go
Aye-yi-yi-yi, I said
Louie Louie, oh baby
We gotta go

We got to go fly some Speed
Going fast is what we need
He launch that plane, it’s Kenny B
And fly that plane, it’s Mike the Z


A small speed plane, no good for we
So we gonna, do class ‘D’
Needle set, we almost there
We smell da nitro, in da air

Okay, let’s give it to em, right now!
(guitar solo)
See that big plane, we hope it go
Northwest record, it be too slow
We be the baddest in class ‘D’
We soon have record, you wait and see

... I said we gotta go now
Let’s take it on outa here now ...
... Let’s go!

-- Zoot Zoomer

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