Broadway Bod Busters

Guess the author and win a prize!

By Ken Burdick

Yes folks it's true,

Listed below are some of the great Combat quotes out of the past. As the "last of the best" rapidly approaches us (Bladder Grabber-XXX) it's only fitting that we flex our memory muscles and pin the tail on the author in a fit of Combat trivia.

Below you will find five mystery quotes. Send your answers to Ken Burdick no later than August 1st.

The prize will be donated by the Broadway Bod Busters and will be presented at the Bladder Grabber fast combat tournament. You may remember the BBB'S last prize donation was a chance to win $20,000,000.00 in the form of a Powerball ticket.

We will not stoop to such a dirty rotten trick ever again! We have learned our lesson that honesty is the best policy and not to resort to such sensationalist tactics simply to promote an event.

That having been said, we offer the flowing in a gesture to make up for previous underhanded trickery of prize offerings.

A Hawaiian dinner for two!!!!!

True, it's not the Big Ticket item as before, but it's real and anyone who has been to the Islands knows the food is great. I have discovered several Hawaiian restaurants in the Seattle area and can say with conviction that they are nearly as good as the ones on the Islands.

Rules: (You do not have to be a combat flyer to enter.)

I. Send your answer to Ken Burdick (one entry per household please)
II. Be present at the Bladder Grabber-XXX to win.
III. A non-combat flyer (one who has never entered a combat contest) will be given one free answer.

Combat quotes

"That's why you should never, ever, wear a clown suit."

"Then something went terribly wrong."

"I used to be a man; now I fly stunt."

"Cut up like a Safeway chicken!"

"Any event that doesn't use nitro deserves to die."

KennyB And The Bod Busters.

Information about the Bladder Grabber can be found at Where the Action Is.

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