A View from Broadway

The Broadway Bod Busters at the '08 Regionals

Bod Busters win all the marbles!

By Ken Burdick

Yes folks it's true,

The Broadway Bod Busters not only take first, second and third in Combat, but now dominate Speed with a blistering new world record.

Taking first, second and third in the new F2D Proto Speed event, the BBB has shown the world its flexibility of skill and talent. In an attempt to promote new ideas, the BBB offered $1,000,000.00 for the first-place finish in this event. The ante was raised to 20x the amount as a surprise gesture by John Thompson. John made a special note of this in the awards ceremony causing a collective "Gasp" from the pasture of stunt fliers who all wondered aloud, "Why can't I be like the BBB." (Editor's note: Actually, it was the BBB's on-field attorney, Buzz Wilson who upped the ante to $20 million. He seems to have no problem spending the BBB's money without consulting the rest of the group!)

First place had somehow grown to $20,000,000.00! Much of which will be donated to your favorite charity. What little remains will help fund a permanent controline flying site in the N.W. where anyone with a conrol-line aircraft will be welcome.

Having said that, the bulk of the award goes to Kenny-B of the BBB for edging out the Rein-Man by 5/100's of a second to win the much coveted top seed in F2D Proto, and setting a new world record.

The drag race was on with the Rein Man taking an early lead followed by the Buzz-Man sorting out his pylon flying technique. We later mentioned to Buzz that wingovers were not required in a speed event, subsequent Buzz-Man flights were less eventful that some of the FAI Speed flights seen later that day.

Photo: BBB members Ken Burdick and Jeff Rein at the combat circle. Flying Lines photo.

Don't blink though, the Rein-Man has two secret ideas he's not sharing and the Combat Monster left his previous record holder in the garage by mistake. Both will be gunning for Kenny-B in the next exciting drag race to determine the top "F2D Funny-Car" type event. An unofficial time showed the Combat Monster in a much faster bracket than either Ken or Jeff, but it's what happens on an official run that gets recorded.

The Buzz-Man was testing his dragster with a slower PC4 Cyclon and is thought to be sand-bagging until the next race. Kenny-B however is designing an even faster ship than the current world record holder. Details of this event stealer will be published right here on Flying Lines for ALL to download and build. Loren Howard and Ted Gritzmacher were both observed taking technical notes of the speed ships on the day after the race. Watch out folks, there's NITRO in the air!

Combat, the main event


There was gunpowder in the air as the B.S. (Beaver State Combat Team) joined forces with the DCC (Dreaded Canadian Contingent) to throw wrenches into the BBB's total domination of Combat, the most prestigious event flown at the NWR.

While the throwing of wrenches is all very well and good, what both scheming camps had not counted on was The Lone Wolf, Bob Smith!

Bob spent two solid days throwing his own brand of wrench into the two covert operations, while also dragging down the BBB.

Bob single handedly took out many of the DCC and the B.S. team. (What a guy!)

There were many comments from Menacing Mel of the DDC, and Gene "5 Second Kill" Pape of the B.S., such as:

"Now we gotta fly the BBB AND BOB?....NO FAIR!!!" (Whiners.)

The Rein Man prevailed in high performance 1/2A , taking top honors, leaving not one skinned Beaver in his wake since they didn't enter! Kert Kerner took second place, once again causing an uproar in Los Vegas.

Kenny-B swept up the leftovers by taking third. Apparently once I fly F2D, I can't get kills.

Alien Mind Melding(again)

80 Mph was a different story with the Alien once again plaguing the BBB.

There was a repeat attempt at mind melding perpetrated by none other than The Alien (Menacing Mel) Mel of the DCC. The Alien had constructed the most devious combat pyramid ever devised leaving Kenny-B off the list while still having the correct number of contestants! It was in the fifth review of the board that the Alien finally cracked like an egg, admitting to the deception and returning to us all of our wits and abilities to reason.

Boy, what some guys will do to get a win!

The Alien, however, had complete control over Event director Mark Hansen, who appeared to be a mere shell of his former self. Mark had worked the night shift and was very tired, the Alien will jump at this sort of opportunity, getting mind control faster than you can say Mr. Spock.

Don't worry though, Mark is recovering nicely at the BBB's rehabilitation center in British Columbia. On our last report Nurse Diesel said, "He's speaking now, albeit in some unknown language. More shock therapy will no doubt help this condition." (We'll keep you posted)

As the day progressed we observed a freak storm approaching from the south, and 80 was postponed until the next morning. Mark was spirited away in the BBB's private jet to the Re-Hab center in Kamloops B.C. while the Buzz-Man took up the running of 80 mph combat.

The DCC, led by Menacing Mel did to a small degree take the wheels off the BBB's bus by winning first place, The Rein Man taking second, Lee Letchworth from Rodeo, Calif., winning third. The winners left a path cut in pure Beaver fur chasing out the wiley critters like St, Patrick and the snakes of Ireland.

Nurse Diesel Mania

There were surprises in this low-end, high-endurance event. The much ballyhooed Oregon Beavers sent the best of their best, "5 Second Kill" Gene Pape to wreck havock on the BBB and others. There is however, no kill in D-bat which may have explained the problem. The Combat Monster was the BBB's secret weapon for the foul-smelling event, and after four hours, dispatched the angling Beaver back to his dam to plan another sneak "Beaver attack" Both Gene and The Combat Monster flew most excellent D-bat, especially considering it was their first contest!

Don was edged out in the final match by Bob (The Lone Wolf) and wrench-throwing Smith. Bob had indeed won first place leaving, the Combat Monster wondering why his engine would run fine one match and less so for the next.

"Diesels smell bad" was all we could get out of him, and the C-mbat Monster sold his fleet of one airplane and two engines after winning second place in the all day event.

Well folks, you've seen it all.

The surge against the Broadway Bod Busters has begun!

Beavers, Aliens and wolves (oh my!)

Mere child's play. Have no fear the BBB is here!

We'll settle this over a can of nitro at Bladder Grabber XXX in August.

Why, when we're done, the Beavers will be cutting firewood for us and the wolf will be fetching slippers and a newspaper.

Photo: Combat Monster Don McKay flies out a tank in Vintage Diesel Combat, as vanquished Gene "How can I win if there's no kill?" Pape rests, pondering the fate of the Beaver State Combat Team. Flying Lines photo.


Kenny-B and the Bod Busters

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