The 2008 Northwest Control-Line Regionals

Precision Aerobatics planes lined up for appearance judging and Concours d'elegance voting at the 37th annual Northwest Regionals on Memorial Day weekend. Flying Lines photo.

Regionals No. 37

Wow, what can you say about three days of "all model airplanes, all of the time"? The third year back at the Eugene Airport venue was enjoyed by 74 competitors and many spectators, as the local news media gave the event good coverage. There was a newspaper article with photos and television coverage on several stations.

The contest spanned seven circles and nearly three days of flying. Weather was pretty good: Light rain on Friday morning and early afternoon, but for the rest of the contest partly cloudy with moderate temperatures and very light winds. Everything took place on schedule and the contest ended, just as planned, at 4:30 on the dot Sunday afternoon.

Attendance was strong in stunt and combat, and down a bit in the other events.

Field setup work began under the direction of Eugene Prop Spinners President Mike Denlis on Thursday at noon. Post-contest teardown was done by about 6 p.m., again under Mike's direction. Mike organized a large crew of workers that got things done on a timely basis. Thanks to Prop Spinners Jim Corbett, Gene Pape, Floyd Carter, as well as to Dave Green and many other workers who contributed to the effort. The hard job of registration was directed by Kathy Thompson with help from Mike Denlis, Barbara White and several others at various times, and it didn't appear that anything important slipped through the cracks.

Event directors were:
Aerobatics: Scott Riese
Combat: Mark Hansen, Mel Lyne, Buzz Wilson
Navy Carrier: Mike Potter
Racing: Dave Green
Scale: Dave Shrum/Pat Johnston
Speed: Mike Hazel

Photo: Stunt fliers Alan Resinger (left) and Phil Granderson watch Paul Walker's Impact XLE in flight. John Anderson photo.

Thanks are due to numerous trophy sponsors as well as to prize donor/sponsors. Donating or sponsoring prizes were Brodak Manufacturing, Eugene Toy & Hobby, Don McClave and Mike Hazel. Trophy sponsors were Howard Rush, Columbia Basin Control Liners, Derek Moran, Mike MacCarthy, Nitroholics Racing Team, Broadway Bod Busters, Jerry Rocha, Arnold Nelson and Wayne Spears.

Regionals T-shirts and sweatshirts, designed by Alice Cotton-Royer, featured a picture of the 1943 Tethered Trainer replica built by Eugene Prop Spinner Floyd Carter. Some of the shirts are still available. E-mail for size availability if you are interested in purchasing one.

There were no major problems encountered during the three days of control-line flying action. Very few crashes, no serious injuries, no protests, no complaints that we know of, and lots of good fellowship.

Also elsewhere on the Flying Lines web site: updated Northwest standings, Northwest records and Regionals records.

The 2008 Regionals T-shirt

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Special Report: Broadway Bod Busters at the Regionals

2008 Northwest Control Line Regionals Results

May 23-24-28, Eugene, Ore.
Total individual contestants: 74
Event entries: 208

Combat Champion: Jeff Rein
Navy Carrier Champion: Eric Conley
Racing Champion: Paul Gibeault
Scale Champion:
Mike MacCarthy
Speed Champion: Ted Gritzmacher
Stunt Champion: Bob Smiley
Precision Aerobatics Concours 'd Elegance: Phil Granderson (Diva)


(Number of entries after event name)
(Northwest Standings points in parenthesis after score)

Combat: Event directors Mark Hansen, Buzz Wilson and Mel Lyne

1. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash., 5-1 (7)
2. Don McKay, Redmond, Wash., 4-2 (6)
3. Jim Green, Bellevue, Wash., 3-3 (5)
4. Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore., 3-3 (4)
5. Edmond Bridant, Santa Rosa, Calif.
Caroline Wright-McPherson, Covington, Wash.
Kert Kerner, Pleasanton, Calif.

80-MPH COMBAT (13)
Mel Lyne, Garibaldi Highlands, B.C., 5-0 (13)
2. Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash., 4-2 (12)
3. Lee Letchworth, Rodeo, Calif., 4-2
4. Ken Burdick, Kent, Wash., 3-3 (10)
5. Gary Harris, Banks, Ore., 2-2
Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore., 2-2
7. Edmond Bridant
Don McKay
Robert Smith
Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash.
Jim Green
Kert Kerner
Caroline Wright-McPherson

Left photo: Bob Smith, Vintage Diesel Combat winner. Gary Harris photo. Right photo: Match over! Gene Pape rests while Don McKay flies out the tank. Flying Lines photo.

Jeff Rein (9)
2. Kert Kerner
3. Ken Burdick (7)
4. Robert Smith (6)
5. Don McKay
Edmond Bridant
Mark Hansen
Buzz Wilson
Lee Letchworth

Navy Carrier: Event Director Mike Potter

Burt Brokaw, Tucson, Ariz.. 427.49
2. Jim Schneider, Livermore, Calif., 418.9
3. Eric Conley, Gardnerville, Calif., 295
4. Don Chandler, Red Bluff, Calif., 159.7

Eric Conley, 430.8
2. Don Chandler, 279.7
3. Jim Schneider, 100
One other entry did not score

Eric Conley, 338.6
2. Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash., 333 (4)
3. Burt Brokaw, 316.15
4. Jim Schneider, 101.6
One other entry did not score

Eric Conley does his slow flight with an MO-1. Flying Lines photo.

Eric Conley, 262 (Regionals record, eclipsing 2007 record of Eric Conley, 260.83)
2. Jim Schneider, 260.8
3. Don Chandler, 191.5
4. Burt Brokaw, 191.05
5. Don McKay, 84.7

Don Chandler, attempt
Two other entries did not score

Jim Schneider, 296.63 (Regionals record, eclipsing 2005 record of Dick Salter, 258.39)
2. Don Chandler, 226.72
3. Burt Brokaw, 122
4. Mike Hazel, 109.7 (1)

Racing: Event Director Dave Green

Will Naemura, Portland, Ore., 5:25.55 (4) (Northwest record, eclipsing 2007 record of Jenessa Beers, 6:22.48) (Heat time of 2:46.24 is Northwest record, eclipsing 2007 record of Nitroholics Racing Team, 2:55.95)
2. Paul Gibeault, Leduc, Alberta, 5:25.91
3. Burt Brokaw, 5:46.74
4. Nitroholics Racing Team, Salem/Eugene, Ore., 3:08.09 heat (1)

No entries

.15 RAT RACE (1)
Todd Ryan, Moses Lake, Wash. 6:05.21 (1)

Les Akre, Edmonton, Alberta, 311 laps
2. Mac Ryan, Burbank, Wash., 244 laps (3)
3. Todd Ryan, 46 laps (2)
One other entry scratched

No entries.

Mac Ryan, 8:12.4 (4)
2. Paul Gibeault, 8:27.7
3. Burt Brokaw, 8:36.19
4. Todd Ryan, 8:50.9 (1)

All smiles in the racing pilots' circle: Paul Gibeault (left) and Todd Ryan. Flying Lines photo

Paul Gibeault, 7:16.7 (Regionals record, eclipsing 2007 record of Nitroholics Racing Team, 7:34.34)
2. Todd Ryan, 7:24 (2) (Northwest record, eclipsing 2007 record of Nitroholics Racing Team, 7:34.34)
3. Nitroholics Racing Team, 119 laps (1)

Les Akre, 83 laps

Les Akre, 8:16.21
2. Burt Brokaw, 8:55.93

No entries

Scale: Event Director Dave Shrum

Mike MacCarthy, Santa Rosa, Calif., 382 points
2. Don Chandler, 77

Mike MacCarthy, 141
2. Don Chandler, 136
3. Mike Potter, 82 (1)

Mike MacCarthy, 182
2. Don Chandler, 77

Lineup of some of the scale entries. Flying Lines photo.

Speed: Event Director Mike Hazel

1/2-A SPEED (3)
Jerry Rocha, Napa, Calif., 133.26 mph (Regionals record, eclipsing 2007 record of Jackson-Murphy Team, 132.56)
2. Paul Gibeault, 96.38
One other entry did not score.

Jerry Rocha, 103.94 mph
2. Carl Caldwell, Sparks, Nev., 94.65
3. Don McKay, 83.26 (2)
4. Ted Gritzmacher, Battle Ground, Wash., 82.46 (1)

Jerry Rocha, 176.24 mph
2. Scott Newkirk, Kent, Wash., 136.72 (2) (Establishes Northwest record, which was vacant)
One other entry did not score.

Ted Gritzmacher, 106.91 mph (2)
One other entry did not score.

Ted Gritzmacher, 169.9 mph (2)
2. Karl Caldwell, 155.91

Ted Gritzmacher, 162.97 mph (2)
2. Loren Howard, Ariel, Wash., attempt (1)

FAI speed: Todd Ryan holds while Will Naemura operates the starter. Flying Lines photo.

Ted Gritzmacher, 153.98 mph (4)
2. Paul Gibeault, 153 mph
3. Burt Brokaw, 146.46
One other entry did not score.

Paul Gibeault, 171.82 mph
2. Will Naemura, 151.46 (3)
Two other entries did not score.

Arnold Nelson, Napa, Calif., 155.37 mph
2. Jerry Rocha, 154.84
3. Karl Caldwell, 149.32
4. Eric Nelson, Visalia, Calif., 144.98
5. Loren Howard, attempt
Two other entries did not score

No entries.

In the pit area: Dick Salter (left) and Ted Gritzmacher start up a test run. John Anderson photo.

Jim Rhoades, Salt Lake City, Utah, 144.78 mph (Regionals record, eclipsing 2007 record of Dick Salter, 143.84)
2. Dick Salter,Tenino,Wash., 142.8 (4)
3. Ted Gritzmacher, attempt (3)
Two other entries did not score.

Ken Burdick, 97.41 mph (Northwest record, eclipses Don McKay record of 95.66) ($20 million lottery ticket prize) (3)
2. Jeff Rein, 97.36 (2)
3. Buzz Wilson, 84.51 (1)

Stunt: Event Director Scott Riese

Paul Walker, Kent, Wash., 577.5 (28.5)
2. David Fitzgerald, Napa, Calif., 572
3. Brett Buck, Sunnyvale, Calif., 568
4. Ted Fancher, Foster City, Calif., 565
5. Phil Granderson, Oakland, Calif., 554
6. Bruce Perry, Edmonton, Alberta, 553.5
7. Jim Aron, El Cerrito, Calif., 546
8. Jack Pitcher, Gresham, Ore., 542.5
9. Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore., 534.5
10. Pete Peterson, Tacoma, Wash., 529
11. Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho, 528.5
12. Igor Panchenko, Winnetka,Calif., 523
13. Jim Rhoades, 517.5
14. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C., 512.5
15. Bob Smiley, Kingston, Wash., 511.5
16. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash., 495.5
17. Randy Powell, Port Orchard, Wash., 491.5
18. Keith Varley, Vancouver, B.C., 480
One other entry did not score.

Precision Aerobatics appearance judging: Scott Riese (top) and Bob Parker examine Pete Peterson's Sultan. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash., 485.5 (13)
2. Bob Duncan, Fair Oaks, Calif., 484
3. Doug Wood, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 476.5 (11)
4. Richard Walbridge, Fresno, Calif., 467
5. Hube Start, Abbotsford, B.C., 464
6. Greg Hart, Molalla, Ore., 453.5
7. Burt Brokaw, 452.5
8. Derek Moran, Goleta, Calif., 451
9. Heman Lee, Sacramento, Calif., 449.5
10. Dave Royer, Portland, Ore., 442
11. Dave Gardner, Renton, Wash., 429
12. Floyd Carter, Eugene, Ore., 425.5
One other entry did not score.

Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash., 444 (7)
2. Brian Moore, Elk Grove, Calif., 432.5
3. Richard Entwistle, Scappoose, Ore., 427.5 (5)
4. Lee Powell, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 422.5 (4)
5. Norman Gayer, Fresno, Calif., 379.5
6. Mike Denlis, Eugene, Ore., 370
One other entry did not score.

Don Chandler, 202
Two other entries did not score

Don McClave, Portland, Ore., 553.5 (19)
2. Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore., 540 (18)
3. Pat Johnston, 539 (17)
4. Alan Resinger, 532.5 (16)
5. Randy Powell, 528.5
6. Mike Haverly, 511
7. Bob Smiley, 506.5
8. Jim Rhoades, 506
John Leidle, 506
10. Burt Brokaw, 487.5
11. Mark Scarborough, 444.5
12. Floyd Carter, 418
13. Dave Gardner, 371
Six other entries did not score.

Classic Stunt: Randy Powell tunes his Shoestring as Pete Peterson holds. Flying Lines photo.

Bob Smiley, 296.5 (12)
2. Burt Brokaw, 291
3. Jim Aron, 289.5
4. Mike Haverly, 288 (9)
5. Keith Varley, 285.5
6. Bob Duncan, 284.5
7. Doug Wood, 277.5
8. Heman Lee, 274
9. Jim Rhoades, 272.5
10. Jeff Rein, 264.5
11. Dave Royer, 261.5
One other entry did not score.

Burt Brokaw, 472
2. Bob Duncan, 466.5
3. Doug Wood, 459.5 (9)
4. Heman Lee, 453.5
5. Mark Scarborough, 449.5
Greg Hart, Molalla, Ore., 449.5
Derek Moran, 449.5
8. Richard Entwistle, 438.5
Brian Moore, 438.5
10. Mike Denlis, 437
One other entry did not score

Bob Smiley, 483.5 (5)
2. Pat Johnston, 476.5 (4)
3. Jerry Eichten, Newberg, Ore., 472.5 (3)
4. Norm Whittle, Layton, Utah, 472
5. Keith Varley, 471.5

Regionals Photo Gallery

Mike Potter's Nakajima C-6 N5 Myrt, powered by O.S. .60 RI. Flying Lines photo.

Two of the many beautiful Classic Stunt planes. At left, Alan Resinger's Gypsy. At right, Pete Peterson's Chipmunk. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: A big guy with a very small plane. Mike MacCarthy prepares his tiny ME-109 for scale flight, with Jerry Rocha helping. Right photo: Burt Brokaw launches a B-Team racer. Flying Lines photos.

A closer look at two B-Team racers. At left, Les Akre's entry. At right, Burt Brokaw's. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Nice-looking profile carrier plane in flight. Right photo: It rained a bit on Friday, until about 2 p.m. Dave Royer's rain gear matches the finish on his Chief. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Combat fliers Ken Burdick (left) and Jeff Rein. Right photo: Menacing Mel Lyne, 80mph combat winner. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Keith Varley with Old-Time Stunt plane. Right photo: Racing Director Dave Green (seated) times a heat, while pit man Mac Ryan watches the counter. Flying Lines photos.

Norm Whittle tunes his Pathfinder twin as Don McClave looks on, seen in closer view at right. Flying Lines photos.

Don McClave waits to launch Paul Walker's new Impact XLE, destined for the world championships. Flying Lines photo.

A close look at Walker's new electric stunter. Flying Lines photo.

Innovation and excellence draws a crowd. Fliers gather around Walker's plane, taken apart for a closer look. Flying Lines photo.

Concours d' elegance winner, two years in a row, Phil Granderson's Diva, selected by vote of the stunt pilots. Flying Lines photo.

Intensity in the pit-side work areas. Left photo: Combat flier Ed Bridant, surrounded by his gear, works on a vintage diesel combat plane. Right photo: Les Akre (left) and Todd Ryan work on Northwest Super Sport planes. Flying Lines photos.

Two of the many gorgeous stunt planes. Left photo: Bruce Perry's Jester for Precision Aerobatics. Right photo: Randy Powell's Shoestring for Classic Stunt had many admirers. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Registration Director Kathy Thompson (left) and able assistant Barbara White. Right photo: Northwest Sport Race planes ready for action, with a mouse racer in between. Flying Lines photos.

Two nice Ringmasters entered in Old-Time Stunt. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: Nice profile scale entry. Right photo: Dick Salter's sport jet. Flying Lines photo.

Mike MacCarthy entered this unusual biplane in sport scale. Flying Lines photo.

Speed pits. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: "I missed your streamer by this much." Right photo: The T-shirt featured a photo of this plane, a 1943 Tethered trainer, built by Floyd Carter. Flying Lines photos.

See below for individual event directors' reports.

Regionals Carrier Report

An MO-1 passes over the carrier deck on slow flight. Flying Lines photo.

By Mike Potter, Carrier event director

Friday morning, we all thought ,here we go again with three days of rain. But by the afternoon the weather had cleared and stayed that way for the remainer of the contest.

We had a good turnout with 22 entries. Eric Conley came up from Nevada (with his very cool good flying Corsair)  Don Chandler, Jim Schneider and Burt Brokaw drove up from California. We even had Don McKay from the "Broadway Bod Busters" come over and give 15 carrier a try.

Flying was pretty steady all three day but did slow down a bit Sunday afternoon. Jim Schneider woke up the stunt folks next to our circle when he put his class II MO-1 in the dirt directly behind them. He was on his high speed run and at about 100+ mph when it started hunting and before he could catch up to it had an "uncontrolled impact into the terrain." He now gets to build a new Class II, any sugestions for the type? Maybe we can catch him before he builds another MO-1.

Everything else went very well with many 100 point traps, usual B.S. and those great cheeseburgers. 

Regionals Combat Report

Combat planes awaiting action. Flying Lines photo.

By Mel Lyne, Vintage Diesel Combat event director

1/2A Combat Saturday morning May 24

 The weather had cleared to a high overcast after Friday's rain and there was very little wind. Mark Hansen got things going just after 9:30am with 9 entries.

Equipment was largely Yuvenko RTF models with Fora or Cyclon power. Ken Burdick had some very nice Jeff Dawson foamies and Jeffrey Rein flew his own foamies with Buzz Wilson doing the same.

Don McKay had a fly-away that grounded in the weeds. Matches were fast and furious.

Lee Letchworth brought his buddy Kert Kerner up from California. Ed Bridant was another Golden State flier. Robert Smith and Mark Hansen rounded out the field.

Jeffrey flew very hard every match and went through clean to win it, yet again! Kert, in his first-ever Regionals, showed that he had what it took to win matches.

See results above.

80mph Combat Saturday & Sunday

 Mark Hansen ran the show Saturday with Buzz Wilson stepping in to finish up on Sunday. There were 12 entries; Don McKay, Jeffrey Rein, Ed Bridant, Kert Kerner, Lee Letchworth, Buzz Wilson, Robert Smith, "The Alien"(Mel Lyne), Gene Pape, Ken Burdick, Gary Harris and Jim Green. This was the return of Gene Pape representing the "Beaver State Combat Team" after a very long layoff. Good to have him back

The action quickly got serious. Buzz and Gary had a tangle where Gary got cut away going straight up. His H&R shutoff worked immediately and the plane glided down beside the circle. I have seen this H & R shutoff activate immediately like this on eight occasions now in the past few years. I would have to say it is the most consistent shutoff I have seen in preventing fly-aways.

Lee was flying hard racking up some wins and he was ready when he flew Mel. At the opening horn Lee attacked hard and there was a period of very tight pursuit and maneuvering for position. Lee Had a very much lightened K & B 40 in a large light foamie. Mel had a Fox Mk IV in a reworked Mejzlik. The maneuvering got tighter with several near misses and then both planes tried the same reverse attack and met -- with a shower of foam pieces, snowing lighly in the breeze. Mel was up first and took it on airtime.

Jeffrey, Ken and Kert were using F2D motors and planes. Their performance on their .015" x 60 ft lines is noticeably superior to the heavier "Big Block" motors, .36s and .40s on .018" lines. Gene collected a couple of wins and demonstrated patience at the start of his matches. But he waited a tad too long against Mel and got killed without a manoeuver! Jeffrey flew well and had a shot at winning it but suffered pilot error against Mel in what proved to be the final. Mel won it with a clean record.

See results above.

The Dreaded Canadian Contingent
"The Prophecy"

"BE AFRAID, GREATLY AFRAID".... "THEY" have returned. One of their number did smite all foes in 80mph combat. A DCC herald has vanquished all Washington Broadway Bod Busters, all Beaver State Combat Team members and all Golden State challengers. "THEIR" power is getting stronger within the combat force. Bladder Grabber approaches....Phil Granderson is mobilizing his Granderdog fleet but it is too little and too late. Nothing will stop "THEM"!

Editor's note: I have no idea how the above got into our Regionals report. I have tried to delete it, but the delete key on my computer seems to be blocked by some alien force. Flying Lines denies any involvement with the above statement.

Vintage Diesel Combat Sunday afternoon

The challenge was to finish diesel combat by 4:30pm after 80mph had eaten up most of the morning. Mel Lyne ran the matches assisted by Buzz Wilson and Gary Harris.

Seven entries, Caroline Wright-McPherson, Don McKay, Gene Pape, Jim Green, Robert Smith, Ed Bridant and Kert Kerner ,were to grind it out over four rounds, two semis and a final.

New-to-D/Bat fliers Gene, Don and Kert soon got the hang of flying "Stinkies" and had some great matches with only a few "gopher chasing" excursions. Robert and Jim also flew well using their "Keep it in the air" experience to win some matches. Caroline slugged it out in the trenches for a couple of matches flying cautiously but then changed to an aggressive "looping" flying style and came away with a win. A couple of midairs severly "dinged" some models but it was mainly tree planting attempts which bent models a tad.

At the end of four rounds it was Gene, Jim, Robert and Don in the lead. The first semi had Robert vs. Gene. A good close match with only a little ground time for each pilot. Robert got one cut then the knot to Gene's single cut, putting him in the final. Next semi was Jim vs. Don. Don was determined and stayed up almost the whole match plus took two cuts to Jim's single cut to put him in the final. Third and fourth was Jim vs. Gene. Jim got two cuts up but then a midair ended it. The final was Robert vs. Don. Robert really wanted it and stayed up the whole match plus took a single cut. Don was on the ground a bit and chased Robert all over the sky trying for the equalizing cuts. At curfew Robert had successfully evaded Don's attacks and was the 2008 Regionals Vintage Diesel Combat winner.

See results above.

Many thanks to all the officials and competitors who made Northwest Regionals combat happen, especially to Mike Hazel and John & Kathy Thompson.

Regionals Speed Report

Arnold (left) and Eric Nelson preparing a plane for flight. Flying Lines photo.

By Mike Hazel, Speed event director

Speed turnout for the 37th edition of the Northwest Regionals was slightly down. The flying schedule was changed to two full days, instead of the 2-1/2 days from previous years. This seemed to suit to turnout just fine, and there was more than enough time to get flights in.

Weather was slightly damp and cool on Friday, but Saturday was very nice. Following are a few comments and highlights.

Not much action this year in the "big block" event class 'D'. Ted Gritzmacher had the only .65 engine on the field, but Karl Caldwell pulled out his small block D ship, which is referred to as "the bomber."  It has a Nelson 40 in it, and while a bit slower, reputedly always gets a flight in, and did indeed grab the No. 2 spot.

The weather on Friday restricted the jet action, but it did dry up and we had some "boom-boom" activity.  Ted took first place with a conventional sidewinder powered by a Jet Bill Fast engine.  Jim Rhoades took the NW Sport Jet class flying his "Tarfu," powered by a Bailey.  And there were some other entries which did not get started.

The Formula 40 class had some race horse action going on. Ted put up a very nice 153+ flight with his Nelson 40 bird.  Paul Gibeault used all his attempts trying to catch him with his K&B powered ship, and it was close but not to be.  It was good to see a new face to the speed circle, that of Burt Brokaw who put up a very good 146+ score.

The .21 Sport Speed class is usually hotly contested, and this year was no different.  With the Napa bunch of Caldwell, Rocha, and the Nelsons, speeds of 150+ are assured.  This year Arnie Nelson came out on top with 155, and Jerry Rocha just behind.

Entry and action from the F2A boys was a bit light this year, but Paul Gibeault managed a nice steady flight of 171+ after some tuning runs.

1/2 A Speed saw Jerry Rocha on top again with a Regionals record run of 133 mph.  Paul Gibeault once again dared to put in a time with a Mouse II airplane.

1/2 A Proto was again bested by Rocha, followed by Caldwell.  Third place was by Don McKay of the Broadway Bod Busters, coming back to action after a 35 year layoff.  He just squeaked ahead of Ted Gritzmacher.

The BBB group put on their demo event of "F2D Proto Speed", which features what looks like a giant size 1/2 A profile proto, with a FAI legal combat engine.  When they find the right prop these will be scoring at 100 mph.

The last speed flight of the meet was by Scott Newkirk, who just got his class 'A' bird ready Saturday late afternoon.  His 6 p.m. flight was good for second place, and showed good potential but was off song by a bit. 

As always, thanks to all for the help timing and making this thing run smoothly!

Regionals Racing Report

Two Northwest Sport Race planes in the pits. Flying Lines photo.

Report to come. Check back soon.

Regionals Stunt Report

Jack Pitcher's Centennial in flight. Flying Lines photo.

Report to come. Check back soon.

Regionals Scale Report

Don Chandler's warbird had a minor crash and punched the landing gear through the wing. Flying Lines photo.

By Dave Shrum, event director

Our Scale event at the NW Regionals -- it is improving! Mike McCarthy, Don Chandler, Mike Potter, Thank you fellows for traveling long distances to participate. Your workmanship on your planes -- Wow!  Mike Potter, sorry you got "blown out." I will be working with the NW Mgt Team to try to move the static judging and flying time to a better time -- we will try! Mike M. -- your ME 109! Your airtanker is  suburb but the Me -- wonderful. To see scale plane in that small scale-it can be done! Don, sorry for the "hard" touch and go, it is repairable! Again fellows, thank you for all your efforts, it is appreciated by all!

Results of this contest were included in the Northwest Competition Standings.

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