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Bladder Grabber 2010
Kill a Beaver, Save a Tree
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By Ken Burdick

Yes folks, it's true,

The Bladder Grabber is coming once again and you know what that means, right?

Dust off the big iron and swing for the fences. No more flying for girly cuts and snips just hit the string hard and look out!

The BBB is planning a special Grabber this year and it's all very hush-hush. All I can tell you at this point, is there will be some out-of-town combat royalty attending. The Rein Man will publish all the juicy tidbits, such as when and when, and as soon as we can get Huevos Fritos the BBB's(press secretary) out of rehab, he may add to the informational release. Watch Where the Action is for details.

There is however an over looked issue that has recently come to light, you guessed it ... The Beavers.

What have they done now?

Unfortunately, the Beavers have been busy over a longer period of time than was once believed as you can see from the picture below.


This was recently photographed by the top secret BBB satellite. (Granted, it's not much of a satellite, but we like it.)

And it's just as we had feared, a beaver dam so large, you can see it from space! Proof positive that the Beavers have lost all form of control and modesty, not to mention what they are doing to the planet!

This innocent looking trio has not only gone too far, they've gone too wide and the huge dam is somewhere in Alberta.

What can Be Done?

It's funny you should ask. We the Broadway Bod Busters intend to make a final stand at the 2010 Bladder Grabber and finish off the Beavers once and for all. Our mantra is, kill a beaver and save a tree. We just hope it can be done before most of North America is under water from the world's largest beaver dam. We have dispatched Dirty Dan the stunt Guru to inspect the monstrous dam. He is taking the reluctant Steve-O with him and several cases of dynamite. After a grueling session of paper-scissors-rock, we all agree that this is the safest possible combination.

Stay tuned to Flying Lines for future updates

-- Kenny-b and the Bod Busters.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Discerning readers will notice that the BBB has not included any substantive information in the above report on the true activities of the Beaver State Combat Team. This confirms reports coming into the Flying Lines news desk that the grass-camouflage dome that now covers the entire BSCT Top Secret Research Center flying site has been completely masking the development process going on at the clandestine Oregon location. While the Bod Busters are picking up sticks looking for the Beavers in an Alberta dam actually constructed by large rodents, the BSCT has been fine-tuning the most sophisticated fast combat killing machine that has ever been developed. Expectations are that this weapons system is so ferocious that the 2010 Bladder Grabber may be the last fast combat contest ever conducted. Sources say there will be nothing left intact at the end but the Beaver State Combat Team, the secret weapon, and the coveted pewter mug. The photograph below is the only known picture of the BSCT 2010 development project, taken at a distance of 500 yards by a FL freelancer using a high-resolution lapel-flower spy camera. The correspondent has not been seen since transmitting the photo to FL headquarters in April.)

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