The 2009 Chehalis Cup

Jeff Rein undefeated in four-contest no-kill 80mph Combat series

In 2009, Jeff Rein won all three events at the Norhwest Regionals, the Bladder Grabber fast combat tournament, and all four Chehalis Cup 80mph Combat contests. Congratulations to the guy who was truly the Northwest's Combat top gun in 2009 Flying Lines photo.

The stuff of legend

By Buzz Wilson

What Jeff Rein did this season in combat is what makes a legend. At the Chehalis Cup over four contests, Jeff flew 24 matches, did not lose a single match, and ran away with the Chehalis Cup.


When I first came up with the idea for the C-Cup, I wanted to put together an event that would get the flyer a lot of combat. The effect would be to elevate the skill level. Secondly, I wanted an event that anyone would be competitive. Thirdly, I wanted a series of contest where everyone flies each other an equal number of times so the winner of the C-Cup will be the best combat flier for the season. Over the season, seven of the 10 flyers placed at one or more of the contest. Everyone's skills improved, and most importantly, everyone had fun.

Starting in March and ending in September,10 flyers flew in the C-Cup. At the first C-Cup, two flyers were using F2D equipment powered by .015 engines with the rest using recycled fast planes and various engines. Throughout the season, more flyers converted to the .015 engines and F2D type planes. At the final contest, 70% of the flyers were using the .015 engines and F2D type planes. The F2D equipment is more reliable and just plain fun to fly.

Below are the final places for the 2009 Chehalis Cup.

Jeff Rein -- 32 points
2. Don McKay -- 14
3. Buzz Wilson -- 13
4. Ken Burdick -- 12
5. John Thompson -- 10
6. Bob Smith -- 6
Mel Lyne -- 6
8. Gene Pape -- 4
9. Tristan McKay --3
Jim Green -- 3

The Northwest combat season consisted of eight contests where 18 combat events were flown. In addition to the Northwest contest, Jeff and Don competed at the F2D team trials in Detroit. Don and the "Combat Dogs" went to the Nats where Don won fast and took second in Half A. Through September, Northwest flyers' standings in MACA national standings are as follows:

1. Jeff Rein
2. Don McKay
3. Robert Smith
11. Buzz Wilson
14. Ken Burdick

As we enter the Hot Stove Season, plans are under way for next season. Engines are being ordered and parts cut for new planes. If you have any suggestions for the upcoming 2010 season please e-mail them to me.

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported combat this season.

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