Chehalis Cup Contest No. 3

Saturday, June 27, 2009, Chehalis, Wash.

Jeff Rein works on R&B Ripoff .15-powered 80mph combat planes at Chehalis Cup Contest No. 3. Jeff now has wins in the first three contests and a big lead in the Chehalis Cup standings. Flying Lines photo.

Vintage Diesel Combat report / C-Cup 3 photo gallery

Contest director's report

By Buzz Wilson

The third C-Cup was held under almost perfect conditions. Eight flyers turned out for a fun day of combat.

Five flyers were using F2D setups and four flyers using equipment that ranged from OS Max 25 to Brodak 40 powered fast planes. When it came time for the finals, half were F2D and half were other.

The Beaver State Combat Team was represented by Gene Pape and John Thompson. The Beavers employed some new and devious tactics and equipment. It appears that John found a miniature table saw and hid it in his plane. When he was flying Buzz, he decided to activate the saw toward the end of the match. The results of the activation are shown in the photo. This put John into the semifinals.

Gene took a different approach. He pulled out his grill and cooked hot dogs for everyone. The dogs were excellent. They also had the effect of slowing down everyone's reactions and catapulted Gene into the semifinals.

When it came to deciding who would be in the finals, there was a four-way tie for the third and fourth positions. Tristan McKay, Robert Smith, Buzz Wilson, and Gene Pape. After looking at cuts, Buzz was eliminated leaving Tristin, Robert and Gene. Robert had the most cuts putting him into the semifinals. Looking at records, Gene had beat Tristan, which eliminated Tristan from the semifinals.

The first semifinal had Robert and Gene flying each other. As it approached the end of the match, Gene had a 2 point advantage, with both pilots being on the ground trying to start their engines. Gene got his started and weighted down with hot dogs headed for his handle. Robert, who had been seen using the Port-a-Poty earlier got his engine started and dashed for the handle. When the match was over, they were tied. After a rematch, Robert would be flying for first in the finals and Gene would be flying for third in the finals.

The second semifinal had Jeff flying John Thompson. For four minutes they flew hard combat. None of Jeff's tricks worked. John made an attempt to get a cut and a collided with the ground removing the elevator. Jeff won the match.

Gene and John decided not to fly for third and fourth with Gene giving John third.

The final match was between Jeff and Robert. The two lefties had a great match up until Robert found the ground. This gave Jeff the win. When it was all over with, Jeff Rein is still undefeated in the C-Cup.

Quote of the Day. "We should have never given Robert R&Bs."

Here are the Chehalis Cup #3 results. Northwest Standings Points in parentheses.

Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash., Broadway Bod Busters, 6 wins, 0 losses (8)
2. Bob Smith, Roy, Wash., 3-3 (7)
3. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., Beaver State Combat Team, 3-2 (6)
4. Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore., Beaver State Combat Team, 2-3 (5)
5. Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash., Broadway Bod Busters, 2-2
6. Tristan McKay, Redmond, Wash., 2-2
7. Don McKay, Redmond, Wash., Broadway Bod Busters, 1-3
8. Jim Green, Bellevue, Wash., 0-4

Jeff Rein -- 24 points
2. Ken Burdick -- 12
3. Buzz Wilson -- 9
John Thompson -- 9
5. Don McKay -- 6
Bob Smith -- 6
7. Gene Pape -- 4
8. Jim Green -- 3
Tristan McKay -- 3

Download Chehalis Cup detailed points standings

Chehalis Cup Contest No. 4 is scheduled for Sept. 26. See Where the Action Is for details.

Vintage Diesel Combat Contest

Sunday, June 28, 2009, Chehalis, Wash.

By Don McKay, event director

The weather was sunny with wind in the afternoon causing only minor problems for the contestants. Three regular D-Bat fliers were absent, so there were only six total entries. This meant that during each match, there were two judges, two fliers and two pitmen, so everyone was busy all day.

Things in general did not go smoothly for most contestants. There were more than the usual problems with diesel engines caused by "Something in the air"? or "We all had bad fuel"? Due to midair collisions, at least four planes were destroyed and several more were too damaged to continue. Three engines blew or totally seized up and several others overheated and seized during the match.

There was one really good match in the semifinals between Jeff Rein (#1 combat point leader in the nation) and Bob Smith (#2 point leader in the nation). Bob ended up going to the finals.

During the finals, I "killed" Bob first (a bad thing in D-Bat since it only counts as one cut) and later he returned the favor which left it all to air time. Since we were both down once during the match it came down to the fact that Bob needed to replace a broken prop and I didn't.

Don McKay, Broadway Bod Busters (6)
2. Bob Smith (5)
3. Jeff Rein, Broadway Bod Busters (4)
4. Buzz Wilson, Broadway Bod Busters (3)
5. Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore., Beaver State Combat Team
6. Caroline Wright-McPherson, Covington, Wash.

More photos from Chehalis Cup Contest 3

Bob Smith (left) and Buzz Wilson mix it up in an early round match. Flying Lines photo.

Bob Smith has had good success with the R&B Ripoff design promoted by the Bod Busters. Flying Lines photo.

Buzz Wilson heads back to the handle after a pit stop, as Don McKay holds. Flying Lines photo.

Don launches Buzz's plane. Flying Lines photo.

Don McKay with the aftermath of a collision with Gene Pape's Baracuda. Flying Lines photo.

The other plane in the collision with McKay, Gene Pape's Baracuda. Flying Lines photo.

Bob Smith's R&B Ripoff in flight. Flying Lines photo.

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