Buzz Wilson (left) gets a plane ready for a match, as Bob Smith assistds. Mike Denlis photo.

Chehalis Cup Contest No. 2 results

July 13, 2013, Chehalis, Wash.

By Buzz Wilson

When we planned the 2013 C-Cup schedule, the July contest was to be a tune-up for the Bladder Grabber. Five flyers took advantage to tune their skills. Unfortunately, John Thompson had to work and could not make the contest. Gene Pape brought Mike Denlis with him to help pit.

The grass had not been cut, but not to worry. Robert was there with his trusty weed eater. We cut two pitting areas with lanes going into the center circle. This worked well.

The day began with 1/2-A Combat. Since there were only five flyers, we agreed that everyone would fly each other. With the Bladder Grabber coming up in August, most were saving their good equipment. Jeff was using rebuilt Sonic Chickens and a Fora engine. Gene was using his new Yuvenko planes and the newer Fora engine. Robert Smith was using his Cyclon engines on Sonic Chickens. Don McKay was flying his Sonic Chickens. I used an older Profi on one of my older Jeff Rein designed planes.

After having problems with 1/2-A at the Regionals and the first C-Cup, Jeff got his equipment sorted out and came on strong winning all four of his matches. Robert Smith continued to fly strong with his only loss being to Jeff giving him second place. Gene, Don, and I wound up with one win each, which resulted in a three-way tie for third. The best match of the day was between Jeff and me. We went strong for four minutes with no cuts or kills before the planes hit. Jeff got back up and won on airtime. We both agreed that we fly Combat to have a match like the one we had.

Photo: Gene Pape prepares for an F2D Fast match. Mike Denlis photo.

Roberta McKay had prepared a Taco salad spread for flyers. As usual, it was excellent. After lunch, we finished up 1/2-A. Don was to fly Jeff, but had an engine problem. It appeared that a rod broke.

With 1/2-A over, we began F2D fast with only four flyers.

Being shorthanded the pilots agreed to eliminate air or ground time. This meant that only cuts or kills would be counted. Gene wound up with a tie against Robert and me. Jeff was flying his latest design of the R&B Rip-off. It appears to have a lot of potential. I wound up with two wins and a tie. This was enough for first place. Robert with a win, a tie, and a loss got second. Jeff with one win got third.

Jeff's strong performance in 1/2-A boosted his total points to 8 for the C-Cup. In the race for the C-Cup, Robert leads with 8.5 points. There is a two-way tie for second.

Here are the results (Northwest standings points in parentheses):

1/2-A COMBAT (5 entries)
Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash., (5)
2. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. (4)
3. Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash. (1)
Don McKay, Redmond, Wash. (1)
Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore. (1)

Buzz Wilson (4)
2. Robert Smith (3)
3. Jeff Rein (2)
5. Gene Pape (1)

The chart below shows 2013 Chehalis Cup standings after two contests.

Chehalis Cup Contest No. 3 date is to be determined. See Where the Action Is for updates.

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