Chehalis Cup 2014 Combat Contest No. 3

Aug. 23, 2014, Chehalis, Wash.

By Buzz Wilson

Going into the contest, two flyers were tied for first with John Thompson and Gene Pape being in position to make a run to the top. Both had promised to be there as well as Mike Hazel -- a complete Beaverfest. On Friday, I received an email from Gene saying that he had been involved in a midair with a microwave while going down some stairs and had fallen. Although sore, he felt he could not fly. John had some medical work and was told to take it easy. For all future C-Cups we will require a note from a doctor. Jeff Rein is still recovering from back surgery but came down to run the matches. Duke, Daniel and Nathan Johnson came out to help judge and pit. Tom Strom stopped by to bring the Johnsons some Half A planes. Tom hopes to fly Half A at C-Cup 4.

Traditionally the first match in Half A is between Gene and Robert. Keeping with tradition, Beaver State Combat Team Mike flew the first match against Robert. During the match, Beaver Mike was cut away. After doing a couple of wide high loops the plane headed for the parking lot where it went straight into the concrete parking lot. Beaver Mike's engine was destroyed. Robert won. Beaver Mike only had one engine and was forced to withdraw from the rest of the matches. Since Beaver Mike was filling in for Gene, we voted and Gene should give Beaver Mike an engine.

When Half A was done Robert had third, Jim Green second, and I had won first. For Half A, we experimented with the Geezer Rules. Once both pilots are ready, the judge announces five seconds to the start. The start horn is sounded at the end of the five-second period, and the pilots have 30 seconds to start their engine and get into the circle.

After lunch, and with four F2D Fast flyers, everyone would fly each flyer once and then a fourth match. We used the five second period that we experimented with in Half-A; it worked well. At the end of three matches, it was clear the John and Jim would fly for third and fourth. Jim beat John and got third. John is continuing to improve and will soon be a force to reckon with. Robert and I would fly for first and second. I would need to be Robert twice to get first. This was not to be and Robert secured first. Robert has been working on his “low game” and it was obvious that it is working.

After three C-Cups, Robert Smith is leading by one point. It is looking like the winner of the C-Cup will come down to the last contest of the season. Jeff Rein announced that he would play the role of spoiler.


(Northwest Standings points in parentheses)

Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash. (5)
2. Jim Green, Bellevue, Wash. (4)
3. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. (3)
4. John Knoppi, Maple Valley, Wash. (2).
5. Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore.

FD2 FAST KILLS (4 entries)
Robert Smith (4)
2. Buzz Wilson (3)
3. Jim Green (2)
4. John Knoppi (1)

Below are the standings after three contests.

Chehalis Cup Contest No. 4 is scheduled for Oct. 4 in Salem, Ore. See Where the Action Is for details.

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