Racing planes lined up in the pits awaiting action in the inaugural A Day at the Races contest in Portland. Bill Lee photo.

A Day at the Races

July 27, 2019, Jim Walker Memorial Control-Line Field, East Delta Park, Portland, Ore.

By Richard Entwhistle

All participants, including the support staff (timers, lap counters, luncheon workers) and dedicated spectators were from the Northwest Fireballs.  There were an even dozen of us, in total.  In addition, there were an estimated 200 or so ball players and families throughout the day, luckily on the other side of the gravel road.  The day started out misty but ended with bright sun.  A perfect Saturday at the park

The first race started around 10 a.m.  After packing up canopies and other equipment (no leftovers), the last person left the field about 3 p.m.  Doughnuts and other goodies were available all morning; lunch was provided during a midday break (Doug Powers on the grill).  Of note, Ron Anderson was seen enjoying a hot dog grilled on the barbecue (as opposed to the proper method, boiling).

Both Clown races were won by Richard Entwhistle; Northwest Sport Race was won by Gary Harris.  All of the winning planes had Jim Cameron on the handle.  In the fourth race, Northwest Super Sport, there was only one entry, Leighton Mangels.  Since there was no competition, only one tank was flown.

Many thanks to the lap counters, timers and helpers:  Bill Lee, Darrin Bishop, Don Curry and Dave Royer.

Doug Powers adds this information on airplane data: If Iremember correctly, there were three ASP .25-powered Super Fly planes and an OS .25-powered Flite Streak in Northwest Sport Race. In Sportsman Clown there were two LA .15 engines and a Brodak .15. In Northwest Flying Clown, there were an OS .15 CV-A and a NovaRossi .15.

2019 A Day at the Races results

Northwest Standings points in parentheses

Gary Harris, Banks, Ore. -- 10:02 (4)
2. Leighton Mangels, North Plains, Ore. -- 11:24 (3)
3. Doug Powers, Portland, Ore. -- 5:42 (2)
4. Richard Entwhistle, Scappoose, Ore. -- DNF heat (1)

Leighton Mangels -- One-tank flight (1)

Richard Entwhistle --185 laps (2)
2. Leighton Mangels -- 172 (1)

Richard Entwhistle -- 72 laps (3)
2. Doug Powers -- 66 (2)
3. Leighton Mangels -- 60 (1)

A Day at the Races photo gallery

All photos by Bill Lee

A lineup of chairs for spectators, with the registration canopy and the barbecue in the backround.

Pitman Richard Entwhistle and timer Don Curry before a Clown Race heat. Plane is Richard's Sportsman Clown, powered by an O.S. LA .15.

Pilots Jim Cameron (left) and Leighon Mangels await the start of a heat, while Doug Powers warms up one of the planes.

A barbecue lunch is a Fireballs tradition. Doug Powers (left) and Jim Cameron at the cooker.

Gary Harris holds his Northwest Sport Race plane, along with pilot Jim Cameron.

Richard Entwhistle shows off his two Clown Racers. Top is Rossi-powered NW Clown, and bottom is LA .15-powered Sportsman. Pilot is Jim Cameron.

Leighton Mangels with his ASP .25-powered Super Fly for Northwest Sport Race

Gary Harris does pull-test duties.

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