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  • Updated June 27, 2016 BLACKHAWK KITS: Blackhawk Models is winding down and so is Dave Gardner's relatively short lived venture as a dealer (Small Stuff NW! My updated inventory lists all the stuff I have remaining in the line, the LIST and new SALE pricing.  Shipping is noted, reflecting the latest charges from USPS. All of these are new, in shrink-wrap, except for the FS3700 Mustang (I just had to see it!). To see the kit descriptions, you can look on the Blackhawk Models website. Offers considered! If you're interested, contact Dave Gardner.

    << FREE SHIPPING! REGIONALS FASHION: Missed the 2016 Northwest Regionals but would like to have a shirt that says you support the Northwest's biggest contest? There are plenty left over for you to order by mail. Email for size availability information. Price is $18 -- shipping free! Get yours before they're gone!

  • AIRPLANES, ENGINES AND PARTS FOR SALE: Large number of new and like-new engines. Download a list with all the details. Contact Paul Gibeault List updated Feb. 28, 2016

    • NEW KIT: Coming mid-March 2016, Floyd Carter's Wildman 60 Old Time-legal stunt ship for .60 cu. in. glow engines. The Wildman in similar in looks to J.C. Yates' Madman but larger. It has an upright engine mounting and dihedral in the wing to provide a proper vertical C/G. The new kit will be 100% laser cut using contest grade balsa and come complete with deluxe hardware and carbon fiber push rod. Price for the Wildman 60 will be $159.99. We are ready to take pre-production orders up until March 10, 2016 .If interested please e-mail Eric Rule with your order. All pre-production orders we receive up to midnight March 10th will receive a special price of $139.99. Visit the RSM web site. >>

    • ENGINES AND PARTS FOR SALE: Download a list and e-mail Orin Humphries for ordering info. List updated Feb. 9, 2016

    • << WANTED: First-design MEW 307 pulse jet engine. Would prefer an un-run example or a "fired once and it scared the crap out of us" example. See ad at right. E-mail Kirk Johnson.

    • MODELS, ENGINES AND KITS FOR SALE: I have a lot of control-line models and kits I want to get rid of since I am too old to fly CL any more.  I have "new in the box"  Jim Walker Firebabys and Fireballs.  Some built, some in kit form. Also, a dozen or so contest stunt models with engines and some old timers with engines.  Lots of CL support stuff, such as handles and lines etc.  Looking for anyone interested in any of it.  I live in Boise, Idaho, and could meet anyone half way for delivery. E-mail Fred Mondin.

    • STALKER ENGINES AND OTHER STUNT PRODUCTS: Tom Dixon has the full line of Stalker engines plus kits, wings, plans, props and hardware. For details and to order, see Tom Dixon's Model Airplanes website.
    • << STUNT PLANE FOR SALE: Shark 45, flown about 10 times. Irvine .46 engine with hemi head by Byron Barker. Trimmed and ready to fly, in great condition, $200. I'm not flying much and a .60-size ship is a little much for me.  Pick up or meet in Portland-Salem area. E-mail Greg Hart.

    • BEWARE STOLEN KITS: Don Chandler of Red Bluff, Calif., reports that a large number of scale model kits were stolen from a storage unit on Aug. 28. Several Top Flight kits, Sig J-3 and a Douglas Skyraider. If you or anyone sees this stuff being sold, please contact Don Chandler.

    • STUNT WING: Igor Burger Max Bee Foam wing set made by Bob Hunt. Come get it, or I'll deliver it to you at a contest.  $250 Email Howard Rush.

      REGIONALS FASHION: There are still some Northwest Regionals shirts available in sizes XL, XXL and XXX, at $15.50 advance entry discount price, plus $3 shipping. E-mail for availability or to order.

    • ENGINES FOR SALE: Bud Becker has the following list of engines for sale. Many are NIB and most all are in excellent condition. Call Bud at  208-459-8242 and make a fair-price offer. Cox TD 010; Cox Golden Bee; ST 40 RR; OS 25 VF DF; K&B 3.5 RR DF; Rossi QB 400 40; Taipan 15; OS 29H; Cox Conquest 15; MVVS 6.5 GRRT; Como 40 Schneurle; Fox 19 Schneurle; K&B 4011; K&B 4011 (Lee); OPS 29 Speed; Rossi 21 Mod Car; ST G15 15; Irvine 21 Speed; MVVS 2.5 GFR ABC; TD 049 Left Hand Crank; Some Wasps?; ST X15 SE (2); OS Max H35; ST G21 29; K&B 35 Green Head; O&R engine parts?; K&B 3.5; OS VRP 40 (3); ST X40; OS 40VF; Cox TD 020; K&B 9012 (2); Webra Speed 40 ABC (2); OPS 40; ST S40; Fox Deluxe 40; Magnum 15XL; Madewell 49 (Pieces); CS 049 (big block) (2); CS 049 (small block); ASP 40; Fox 15BB Schneurle (2); Picco 40 SE.
    • FLYING HELP WANTED: So, I have an opportunity for a competent control line pilot. I have a Sig Skyray .35 with a very low time OS .26 on it. The model was built several years ago. The motor was bench tested for a couple minutes but I never flew it. It has been hanging in my garage for 3+ years along with a handle and 60 foot lines. I have very little control line experience but I want to introduce my 4-1/2 year-old to control line because he's not too interested in my RC flying. Just asking if anyone has a few tanks of gas and the spare time to give it a whirl...literally! I also have a Ringmaster with a FOX .35 that has flown before. Both models are for sale by the way. Contact Craig Ensey, Corvallis, Ore.

    • << SPEED KIT WANTED: Late 1940's Dyna-Streak speed jet kit (photo at left). I would consider a survivor plane if in salvageable condition. E-mail Kirk Johnson.

    • CONTROL LINE BUILDING SERVICE: Complete frame up of these four classic designs, The Original Tutor, The Magician, The Flite Streak and the OT Ringmaster. Available in take-apart or permanent configuration.  Will build for electric or glow power.  For pricing and details please e-mail Mike Griffin.

    • WANTED: DOOLING ENGINES AND PARTS: I need Dooling .29 spare parts old or new, or used good engine itself. E-mail Eizan Yoshino.

    • ENGINE WANTED: I need a Nelson .19, K&B 3.25 or similar engine. E-mail George Voss.

    • PROPS WANTED: I am looking for a few wooden A, B and C props. I would prefer Rev-Up but Top Flite is OK, too. E-mail Ken Burdick.

      Walter Umland's "BuiltRightFlyRight" kits: PT19 kit, $245.00 with drop-in controls (CLC) hardware+shipping, NIB; Colossus, $220.00+shipping, NIB.
      PayPal or local checks preferred. Local pick-up in Tacoma area preferred. E-mail Larry Price

    • WANTED: New or used Cox engines and parts, any size, any condition. E-mail Joe Sesere.

    • WANTED: Pre-1970 Speed plane kits. Contact Kirk Johnson.

    • << SPORT JET SPEED KIT: The Sport Jet Pod Racer kit is availble right now. Laser-cut kit is easy to build and results in an easy-to-start, easy-to-fly model -- and it is fast. Hardware required is already in most modelers' shops. Kit price is $50. Fuel tank, if purchased with kit, is $20. E-mail Jim Booker. >>

    • WANTED: Jet Bill Sport Jet engine. Doesn't need to be perfect. E-mail Jim Booker.

    • ENGINES FOR SALE: Long list of Enya, SuperTigre, Fox and K&B engines available. Download the updated list. To order, e-mail Frank Bowman.

    • FLYING FOOL PLANS: Scratch builders may enjoy this reproduction of the plans for the classic Sterling kit. Plans are sent on a CD and can be taken to a print shop and printed out actual size, smaller or larger. $20. E-mail Frank Balkus for information.

    • COLLECTOR SPEED KIT FOR SALE: Hellespont, prouced by Epic Models of Las Cruces, N.M., in the late 1940s or early 1950s. Complete and untouched. Photo available on request. This is a 24-inch span control-line speed model, 26 inch lewngth. $100. E-mail Jim Emerson.

    • FAST HIPPY SPEED PRODUCTS: Marty Higgs provides, among other items, C Speed tanks ($20), C Speed torque units ($25), elevator control systems ($15), (all three as a kit, $60); HI-G titanium bellcranks ($35); HI-G steel bellcranks ($25); F2D Proto micro bellcranks ($20). Will build any size custom torque units, 1/2A to Jet-D. E-mail Marty Higgs.

    • NITROMETHANE: Fischer Scientific nitromethane in pint bottles, approximately 5 gallons available. E-mail speed flier Jim Buxton.

    • WANTED: Harters rat and proto speed pans. E-mail Ken Burdick

    • TYME : Custom-made venturis and mufflers. Scott Riese, (503) 246-4631. E-mail for info.

    • CONTROL-LINE SUPPLIES: We ship UPS daily. Eugene Toy & Hobby, (541) 344-2117. Eugene Toy & Hobby web site

    • CONTROL-LINE COLLECTION: We have come upon a collection of pre-owned control-line engines, including Cox .020, .049, .051; K&B .19, Fox .35, etc. Contact John Gunther at Franciscan Hobbies in San Francisco.

    • COMBAT SHUTOFFS: H&R shutoffs, $30.Remote mount $10.
      In the past 7 years over 350 H&R shutoff's have been purchased and used in competition. I have witnessed over 80 flyaways with planes using the H&R shutoff, and each and every one of them shut down immediately. Zero failures. We have them for all classes of combat that use a pressurized fuel system. We have continued to make improvements over the years and our new MK V features: CNC machined 7075 T-6 aluminum that has been anodized and hard coated. All brass parts are turned on a CNC lathe. Our new double bushed center bearing is swedged and pressed together as one unit. No parts to loose or solder joints to break. Almost indestructible. It installs on any RTF plane in 5 minutes or less when used with the remote mount. No strings or connectors to worry about. Future planes could be bought cheaper requiring no bellcranks or leadouts installed. It can be used with or without leadouts. No need to have one unit per plane. When used with the remote mount the bellcrank moves from plane to plane with the motor without affecting the control setting. Because of the high RPM of the F2D motors, if line tension is momentarily lost and regained with in one second, the motor will start shutting down, then fire right back up when line tension is regained. I believe if you try out this system, you will never go back to anything else. E-mail Jeff Rein to order. More information on the H&R shutoffs.

    • OLD MAGAZINE PLANS ON CD: I will make the offer to search my database of about 4,000 magazines to help anyone find the plans for models published by the magazines. CDs of plans are $10 each. Anyone can contact me direct by e-mail for more information on CL modeling data on CD. Thomas Wilk. Also available: Control-line cartoons on CD.

    • RACING PRODUCTS: Fuel tanks for Northwest Sport Race and Flying Clown Race, $20 each plus shipping. Proven designs. Engine shims: Made to order, $1 each. Thicknesses of .001"-.010" in .001" increments, plus .012", .015", .020" and .030". E-mail Todd Ryan or telephone (541) 292-4580. Tank shown at right is NWSR tank.

    • PLANS FOR SALE: Arctic Fox (white plane), designed for a Fox 35. Short kits $65. The plans for scratch building this plane cost $8. Grinder (red and yellow plane): Designed and drawn by Leo Mehl, traced and inked by Bob Sweitzer, top quality plans, $15. Contact Leo Mehl at (503) 255-6471 or e-mail Leo Mehl.

    • WANTED: O.S. FS-20 four-stroke engine. E-mail Todd Ryan or telephone (541) 292-4580.

    • HOBBY SHOP: Tri-City Connection, CL and RC supplies, new and used. Lots (1 ton truck full) of old magazines (50's and newer) for sale $5 each shipped. Let me know what your looking for.  Model Builder, Model Airplane News, RCM, Flying Lines, RC Scale, etc. Telephone (509) 542-1959 or e-mail David Miller.

    • RACING SUPPLIES: The former Kustom Kraftsmanship line of quality racing equipment is now available from Darrell Albert. Available supplies include button bellcranks, Cox competition and generic parts, wheels, lines, shutoffs, landing gear and many other items. E-mail to place orders or get more info.

    • CONTROL-LINE KITS: Black Hawk Models offers an extensive line of control-line model kits at reasonable prices, including several of Walt Musciano designs. Check out our Black Hawk Models website or give us a call at (562) 428-0820. Tell you local hobby dealer about us.

    • RACING MADE EASY: Get the Nitroholics Racing Team "introduction to racing" packet, and you'll be on your way to success in Northwest racing competition. Packet includes general racing tips, articles on how to set up a NW Sport racer and a Super Sport racer, and NW racing rules. Send $2 to Flying Lines and get the packet via mail. Flying Lines, 2456 Quince St., Eugene, OR 97404. E-mail for more info.

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