Teams get ready for the main event at the Portland Northwest Sport Race. Barbara White photo.

Northwest Sport Race at Delta Park

Jim Walker Memorial Control-Line Flying Field, Portland, Ore., Nov. 26, 2016

By Barbara White

After horrendous rain and wind on Thanksgiving Day, the weather at Delta Park the following Saturday was dry and overcast with a slight breeze. It was perfect for the Northwest Sport Race, sponsored by the Northwest Fireballs with Gary Harris as contest director. Two teams entered, Richard Entwhistle's Super Fly, powered by an O.S. LA .25 engine and flown by Pat Chewning, and Gary Harris' Super Fly, powered by a Fox .35 and flown by Mark Hansen.

Entwhistle/Chewning completed the first 70-lap heat in 6:03 while Harris/Hansen completed it in 7:48. In the main event, Entwhistle/Chewning completed the 140 laps in 9:51; Harris/Hansen finished flying after 131 laps. Entwhistle/Chewning for the win!

Assisting were Doug Powers, overall direction; and Dave Royer and Jim Harper, lap counters.

To be honest, there was some question, when Gary Harris first proposed this contest ... should the club budget for snow shovels? We flew, counted laps, recorded times, had coffee, and thoroughly enjoyed the day. This was the first racing event for both Pat and Gary, and both plan to continue!

Racers (from left) Gary Harris, Richard Entwhistle and Pat Chewning. Mark Hansen not pictured. Barbara White photo.

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